Impact Stories

  • Susan O'Rourke BS '66
    Your gift can connect to your fondest memories, like Susan O'Rourke BS '66. Rochester's Time's Union newspaper from June 1966 shows Susan...
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  • Hope Drummond '91
    Hope Drummond '91
    Gifts come in many forms, but they usually begin with someone who cares deeply. For Hope Drummond BS '91 , her mother was her inspiration for...
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  • Alice Jo Lichtman MS '77
    Alice Jo Lichtman MS '77
    Building gender equity in computing fields is critical for our future, not just their future. As computing is ubiquitous to almost every product, and almost every...
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  • Dr. Jack and Barbara Clarcq
    Dr. Jack and Barbara Clarcq
    After more than 40 years of professionally and personally rewarding experiences as RIT faculty, it was easy for my wife and me to commit to establishing an...
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  • Rick '79, '86 and Patty '88 Stoffel
    Rick '79, '86 and Patty '88 Stoffel
    After earning their degrees, trips back to RIT were few in number for Rick '79, '86 and Patty '88 Stoffel. Renewed interest in RIT began when they attended...
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  • Gary Sugarman, RIT Parent, '11, '14
    Gary Sugarman, RIT Parent, '11, '14
    "RIT is a special place to our family. But, a great education is expensive and not everyone has the means to make a degree a reality. If we could provide...
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  • Steve Matteson '77
    Steve Matteson '77
    "I didn't realize when I left RIT that I was leaving with anything other than a bachelor's degree. As I fast forward to today, I see that RIT gave me...
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  • Warren Goldman
    Warren Goldman
    "Over 39 years as a RIT faculty member, I've developed a strong belief in the benefits to young deaf and hard-of-hearing students that stem from an...
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  • Jack Fritz '68
    Jack Fritz '68
    "RIT and my co-op experience provided a wonderful and nurturing environment for my professional as well as personal growth. After 40 years of international...
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  • Holly A. Fitzpatrick '80
    Holly A. Fitzpatrick '80
    "My RIT education gave me the tools to build the foundation of my professional career plus lifetime friendships and memories. Naming RIT...
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  • Dale Bondanza '92
    Dale Bondanza '92
    "I believe those of us that were blessed with more education than one man should have, owe a debt...
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  • Jeff Harris '75 and Joyce Pratt
    Jeff Harris '75 and Joyce Pratt
    Jeff Harris '75 and Joyce Pratt chose a unique gift to commemorate the 90 birthday of his mother. To honor her lifetime commitment to education...
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  • William Prentice II '99
    William Prentice II '99
    "As I reflect, I realize the earning of that degree was as much my parents' accomplishment as mine. It is for these reasons, and to honor the silent...
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  • Tom Ash
    Tom Ash
    "I hope my bequest will help RIT Motorsports support more students on their teams. Teams are a great opportunity to build their skills, and...
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  • Margaret (
    Margaret ("Maggie") McEwen-Craven BS '77, MBA '80
    "With a solid education, women can do whatever they want to do, fulfill their dreams and create their own future...
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  • Scott Hecker  BS Business Administration '65
    Scott Hecker BS Business Administration '65
    "It's gratifying to know that my gift helped make the new Lobozzo Alumni House a reality. It's a wonderful example of RIT's commitment to both...
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  • Kathleen and Bruce Martin
    Kathleen and Bruce Martin
    "It's like traveling for a long time to reach a destination, and finding yourself at the edge of a deep canyon with no way to continue to the other...
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